Cloud busting!

This week, as part of our geography lessons about water, we have been looking at clouds. We looked at how they are created and then had a go at making our own!

We weren’t responsible for the large Nimbostratus above, and luckily made it in before the precipitation started 👍

Practical Learning

This week, we have been enjoying some outdoor learning. In writing we were looking at imperative verbs and giving each other instructions such as ‘run around the playground’, ‘complete 10 jumping jacks’ as well as many others. In maths we were taking another look at number bonds and making our own examples with cones.

Welcome back!

Children in Ada Lovelace class have had a great first week back. We’ve been trying to stay active as much as possible. This week was British Science Week and we’ve been talking about innovation and inventions including Ada Lovelace’s involvement in the world’s first computer.

In History we continue learning about the Romans. The children were brilliant at giving speeches persuading the Celts to fight back against the invasion.

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Newsletter Stars!

Well done to Abdur Raheem, Reece and Max who were chosen to be in the school newsletter this week. They were proudly showing off their new Houses, which all children in school have been placed in. These are: Apollo, Endeavour, Atlantis, Challenger and Discovery. Children can earn points for fantastic work, showing a Growth Mindset and super manners.


Year 4’s were working on dance last half term and we’re learning how to match their movements and actions to suit their topic of Blue Planet. They created actions to move like animals from the artic such as foxes, penguins and polar bears. They then created group routines which showed a variety of lovelies, speed and directions. They produced some fantastic routines. Her are some pictures of them in action.